Born On Time

Every mother deserves a healthy, full term pregnancy, and every newborn has the right to thrive. With a focus in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Mali, Born On Time is the first public-private partnership to prioritize the prevention of preterm birth, now the leading cause of death in children under five globally.

We target risk factors related to unhealthy lifestyle/behaviours, maternal infections, inadequate nutrition, and limited access to contraception that can lead to babies being born too soon. We aim to empower women and adolescent girls as well as to engage men, boys and community leaders to tackle gender-based discrimination and barriers that impact maternal and newborn health.

Our program supports women and adolescent girls before, during, and between pregnancies by strengthening health systems with training, equipment and supplies to provide quality, responsive care. Working closely with local governments and community stakeholders, this five year initiative brings together expertise and resources from World Vision, Plan International, Save the Children, the Government of Canada and Johnson & Johnson to help ensure every child is born on time.


Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in children under age five. Mothers urgently need access to cost-effective, practical solutions to help them reach full term pregnancies and care for newborns.

Working closely with local governments and stakeholders, the Born On Time partners are taking a comprehensive approach to preterm birth prevention throughout communities and regional health facilities. We are:


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Why are babies born too soon?

While complex, the reasons include risk factors relating to Lifestyle, Infection, Nutrition and Contraception (LINC).

  • Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of under-five mortality.

    Source: UNICEF, pg 8
  • Each year,
    approximately 15 million babies
    are born preterm (1 in 10), and this number is rising.

    Source: World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Prematurity is a factor in 45% of all newborn deaths in Bangladesh;
    36% of newborn deaths in Ethiopia;
    and 32% of newborn deaths in Mali.

    Source: World Health Organization (WHO)
  • 1 million preterm babies die each year. Three-quarters could survive with access to affordable care.

    Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Building Global Momentum

Born On Time is amplifying an international movement spearheaded by the United Nations to help mothers deliver healthy full term babies.

This public-private partnership supports the UN’s Every Newborn Action Plan, as well as the new Every Woman Every Childglobal strategy. With an intense focus in three countries (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali), Born On Time will also drive progress towards achieving the global goal for newborn survival (SDG 3.2).

Born On Time welcomes other organizations interested in joining the effort to ensure every birth is full term, and every child has an opportunity for the healthiest start in life.


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