Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in children under age five. Families urgently need access to cost-effective, practical solutions to help women reach full-term pregnancies and care for newborns.

Born on Time works closely with local governments and stakeholders through a comprehensive approach to preterm birth prevention across communities and local health facilities. We are:

In 2019, Born on Time made significant strides towards implementing effective approaches that address the risk factors associated with preterm birth and improving care for premature babies. This included the training and support of 12,393 health-care providers and community health workers, as well as supporting the provision of prenatal services to 206,879 pregnant women and adolescent girls, skilled delivery to 119,775 pregnant women and adolescent girls, newborn care to 111,133 neonates and family planning to 637,477 adolescents and adults.

Across all countries, community leaders and members have been mobilized to raise awareness on preterm birth prevention and response, including issues of gender-based violence and gender equality. These community-based activities, including peer-to-peer adolescent groups, male engagement groups and community relays, have cumulatively reached more than 841,067 adolescents 11 to 19 years old and more than 1.18 million adults 20 to 49 years of age.

Implemented in Partnership with:

World Vision Plan International Save the Children Government of Canada Johnson & Johnson